Service Times

Sunday Morning

  • 11:00 a.m. - Worship Service





About LCCI

Life Changers Church International (LCCI) is a Spirit-filled, non-denominational, multi-cultural, Christ-centered, Bible-teaching ministry that's Changing Canton, Georgia and beyond.  Pastor Bryant has sat under the leadership and teaching of his Pastor Dr. Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International for more than ten years.  Our Spiritual  covering is from Enlightened Christian Center under the leadership of our Spiritual Father and phenomenal teacher,  Pastor Bryant K. Bell.

Life Changers Church International (LCCI) has one goal: To share God's message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the world. We want everyone to have an opportunity to know the real Jesus. Approachable, personable, compassionate and full of joy, that's the Jesus that Dr. James Bryant knows and loves. And it's his mission in life to make sure everyone on earth has an opportunity to know Him too.

At LCCI, we're committed to keeping our focus uncluttered, pure and simple, just like Christianity is supposed to be. We're proud to have one vision, one goal, one mission. World Evangelism. It's our passion! And, we invite you to join with us and make it your passion.