Life Changers Church International offers ministry to your entire family to strengthen your life as a Believer. Most of our outreach ministries and courses meet on Sunday to avoid tying up your busy weekday and weekend schedule.  We realize the importance of your busy schedule and try to ensure that we keep service times down to a minimum.  We only have two services per week.  Both services are quick, powerful and life changing.  That way, you are free to serve God, serve work, and serve your family without too much infringement in any area.   We don't bog you down with a Bible studies throughout the week or special fellowships just to keep track of you.  We respect your time so you can enjoy the time you spend with us.


Coming Soon * Soul 2 Soul Ministry

Want to win Souls?  We have an expert evangelism team that goes into the neighborhoods and public meeting places to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Coming Soon * Christian Woman’s Ministry

Our Women's Ministry empowers women of all ages through its many facets


Coming Soon * Singles Ministry

Our singles ministry includes a Monthly Enrichment Class and several social outings designed to help singles grow spiritually and network among other singles. 


Coming Soon * Man 2 Man

Men Ministry provides necessary male fellowship for men during its monthly Enrichment course and during other fun events.


Media Ministry

Life Changers Church International has a world-wide viewing audience.  Our media department is responsible for airing our Internet broadcasts and live Internet Streams world-wide.


"The Life" Bookstore

We have a in-house bookstore and an are developing online bookstore ministry designed to provide spiritually uplifting teaching material for your spiritual development.